Sam's Wash

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From the South Red Creek Road (Pinnacles Road) to Starvation Reservoir, parcels range from 1/2 acre on up. The lion's share of larger parcels (10+ acres) are in this area. Utilities, water & power, are a little harder to come by. This area is heavily wooded and is part of what is considered to be the largest and oldest pinyon forest in America. Roads are mainly 'jeep trails'.  Roads used by the oil field are improved and maintained year round.

Blacktail RidgeThunder Ridge Airpark $125,000
75 acres
Off the grid, resonably remoted, landscape extremely varied, heavily treed, dominated by wildlife and nature. Cabin, corrals and sheds. Usable electric 110 Volt inverted from battery bank, renewed by solar panels and windmill. 12 volt lights throughout. Water storage. Telescope perfect, views reach far into the canyons and beyond, stars at night are not diminshed by city lights. (North of Hwy 40) Brochure

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Two Great LotsThunder Ridge Airpark $39,000
10 acres
Great lots overlooking the pinyon forest! Through a locked gate, over a really fun road, sitting back where no one goes. Three ten-acre lots are available. Lots are slopped to the valley below with camp spots just off the road. These are is a must see. Brochure
Bluebird Ranches
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12 acres
Four lots are available in this subdivision. The largest is 65.48 acres for $45,508. The front of the lots are steep with rock shelves and monuments. On top, it flattens out and the view takes over the priority. Accessed by Sam's Wash Road, you have just a short drive to fish the Strawberry River.
Lot 1: 14 acres $28,106
Lot 2: 65 acres $45,508
Lot 5: 12 acres $18,450
Lot 9: 19 acres $26,964
Elk MeadowThunder Ridge Airpark $96,250
43 acres
Seller Financing
Heavily wooded and a canyon in the middle for exploring! This property is well worth you time to view. Brochure